"It is understandable that most of us do not intend to be racist but it is also important to understand that racism has nothing to do with your intention; it is in fact a result of the way you have been conditioned. However, that too is not an excuse to indulge in racial fetishism."

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white privilege: people accepting and believing that a white passing person is Native American more often than people believe a Black person is also Native American.

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i think what people don’t realize is that people in activist spaces don’t actually like being angry all the time

we want to be able to go about our day without constantly being on guard for casual abuse, degradation, and shitty behavior hurled our way

we’re not angry at you because we think you’re unconditionally terrible people

we’re angry because we fully believe that you can do better

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"I have come to realize that my body is something I need to love, because within my body my ancestors live. Within my veins the same blood that ran through theirs runs in mine; that within the space between my cheek and my jaw, are stories older than time. I have to remember that within every nook of my body, within every cell that creates who I am, my ancestors are there."

- Samantha Nock, “Legs Like Tree Trunks” (via blackfootbeauty)

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  • Question: When people say, "color doesn't matter" it translates to me as "your oppression doesn't matter. I'm not going to recognize that your identity, cultural practices, and social experiences are something that you're affected by everyday." Pretending that everyone is equal is the perfect way to keep power systems in place. Race doesn't magically go away when people ignore it. - fondulady
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"Native feminism is not simply an insular or exclusivist “identity politics” as it is often accused of being. Rather, it is framework that understands indigenous women’s struggles part of a global movement for liberation. As one activist stated: “You can’t win a revolution on your own. And we are about nothing short of a revolution. Anything else is simply not worth our time.”"

- Andrea Smith - Indigenous Feminism Without Apology (via bedangeroustogether)

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calling certain areas the “bad part of town” serves to dehumanize a group of people and turn them into a faceless mob of evil people; most of whom have very complex lives; and this middle+ class drive to just base an entire population’s existence around a nebulous idea of “crime” is a dehumanization tactic

Also, it’s almost always racist code for, “the colored side of town.”

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